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4 reasons why you should stop opening cans the old way

Most of the Hollywood survival movies have one thing in common; the canned food. Being one of the most pristine ways of preserving food for longer period of time, this technique has dominated the world ever since it came into practice. But the real challenge lies on getting it opened.

We all know that there are many ways to open these canned foods; by the use of a knife, a blade and this list goes on. However, it is a fact that almost all these ways are incorrect and there are supported by many reasons. In this read, we are going to talk about 4 of them.

  • It damages the goods inside and the can itself

Getting a tin can opened can be quite a challenge given the typical rigidity of the materials they are built from. After all, it would be the inability of the manufacturer to safeguard what is inside, if they were not as strong as they are supposed to be. The archaic methods of getting a can opened will always damage the goods inside; who likes cheese with mildly rusted steel taste?

  • Higher possibly to end up with cuts

If you have ever felt the sharpness of the edges of a tin can opening, you would even think that they can be used as a lethal weapon if you wanted to. Despite the nature of the person who cuts open cans the old way, they are highly likely to end up with severe cuts.

  • There are better ways to do it

When the technology is advancing and presenting the world with ways to ease the pain, we should accept them. A One Touch Can Opener is one of those amazing piece of equipment that would allow even a 10 year to get a can opened in a very safe way. Being a portable electrical device, these types of openers technically walk around the lid of the can, getting them opened safely. The best feature that can be found in a handful of this type of openers is the kind that switch of automatically. This ensures unwanted repetition of the cutting action making it a smart device of a sort. Given how things like these can come quite handy in picknicks, as gifts and even for the typical household use, it is about time that you invest one or some. In doing so, there is little perquisite that you need to check; if the device is able to deal with cans with diameters that lie approximately between 150mm and 50mm, then it is as good as they get, period.

  • Takes too long in an emergency

Late night hunger or those starving camping nights can be a real nuisance. But it gets even irritating when you have the canned food, but they just will not open no matter how hard you try. This sort of a situation could even decide the good health of a person. That is another reason why you should stop the old ways and switch to a way that works better.




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