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5 Things to Consider When You Are Buying a Refurbished iPhone

Planning to buy yourself a refurbished iPhone? Read on these informative pointers before you make the purchase.

Ensure the iPhone is Not Network Locked

This is a very common issue with iPhones. Even if you had found the right model of iPhone, it is always a good idea to call up your network carrier and confirm if they can activate the phone with the existing SIM. Request the seller for the necessary details and call your network provider and describe the situation to them and provide them with the details you got from the seller. They will be able to inform you of any problem.

Remember To Check the Battery Life

Users cannot replace the batteries of the iPhones. And you want to make sure that any iPhone that has been refurbished has a strong enough battery. Even a temporarily used iPhone will have a good enough battery life, but if the phone has been used more than a year it is wise to get the phone checked. Even if it is a refurbished genuine iPhone 6, 6Plus, 6s, 6sPlus, 7 or 7Plus, make sure to ask your vendor for further details on the battery life and if they would replace the battery prior to the purchase.

Check For Any Hardware Damage

Every phone will have typical damages especially on the sides and even the back. You might even see several dings that can be covered up a proper phone case. However, serious scratches to the screen of the phone, problems with the touch ID, scratches or any deposits on the camera lens, 3D Touch sensor damages can be considered huge issues. Also check the sensor for water damage to check if the iPhone has been exposed to water. Make sure to check the phone well before you purchase it. Input a brand new fingerprint too to see if the home button is working along with the front and the back cameras.

Go For the Perfect Storage Capacity

Do remember that the refurbished iPhones might not be the latest of editions and remember that they might have less storage capacity too. The latest high-quality iPhones offer a whopping storage capacity up to 256GB. The company even recently offered the facility to store the documents with their latest software update. Certain models that are out in the market come in comparatively low prices, but they have as little as 16GB as storage. That might not be enough for a heavy user of the phone. Although you get space on iCloud to store the extra pictures, documents and music you might want to choose a phone with proper capacity to make sure you wouldn’t regret it.

Try to Get a Warranty for The iPhone

If you can get a warranty for the refurbished iPhone, go for it. Great reputable sellers will offer maybe an extended warranty. An iPhone that has been through repair during the time it was in the previous user’s hands will not necessarily mean that there won’t be trouble in the future. Just to be on the safe side, spend some extra money and get an extended warranty.




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