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5 Things That Will Make Moving Homes and Towns Easier on Your Kids

Moving homes is hard for everyone, but especially for kids. Detailed below are 5 things that make moving home easier on your kids, and in the long run, easier on you…

Do Not Spring It on Them

This is an especially vital detail to keep in mind if you happen to have older kids. Do not make this move a surprise to them; unless it is a completely unavoidable situation. Take the time to explain to them the reason for this move, and how important it is that you move. Doing so at least a month or two ahead will help them adjust better when the moving date finally arrives.

Make the Packing and Moving Process as Easy as Possible

Avoid making the packing up difficult for them. For example, if they’re not comfortable parting with a few things that you know they’ll never use in the new house; let it go. These are battles you need not fight for the moment. One other detail that will make packing easier for them, is having it done professionally. Once they’ve made a pile of the things, they want to take with them to the new place, have a professional packing service come see to the task. This is especially worth it if you’re moving overseas, but useful even if it’s for simple removals across Bayside.

Ensure They Have Means of Communicating with Those Relationships That They Leave Behind

Your children may be young, but they too may have made plenty of relationships that they value in their short life. Having to leave those relationships behind as you move can be painful, and can cause outbursts and emotional breakdowns down the road. To avoid this from happening, ensure that you give them a solid means of communication with those they leave behind. A stable internet connection, and access to a smartphone when required are some means that we’d recommend.

If They’re Old Enough, Include Them in Some of The Decisions That Concern Them – Room, School

Moving schools can be tough for anyone, but especially teens. If your child is a teenager who’s dreading the move, give them an opportunity to reduce that dread by taking them with you to select schools. Listen to their opinion, as the more they like their new school, the less sad they’ll feel about leaving the old school behind. Another way to make them feel better about moving homes is to, if possible, give them the choice of selecting their room. If that’s not really an option, at least allow them the freedom of decorating their own space.

If They’re Younger, Give Them Something to Look Forwards to In Your New Home Town

While younger children are less complicated and attached to their surroundings, they too can take moving homes badly. A huge tell for this fact is when they start misbehaving or wetting the bed after the move; even after they’ve been potty trained. To avoid this, try to give them something to look forwards to after the move. For example, make plans to see the local attractions and play the tourist in you new home town…




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