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5 Things Your Teenage Daughter’s Room Must Have

Designing a girl’s room is an exciting experience. This is the room she’s going to use to figure out her hopes and dreams. It’s where she’s going to have some of the most memorable moments with her friends, or it’ll act as a safe haven during troubling times. It’s definitely a great feeling to be responsible over something as sentimental as this. Before you get too carried away, however, here are some essentials your teen’s room needs to have.

Bright Colours

Your daughter has probably been very adamant about her favourite colour. Don’t be afraid to utilize it in the colour schematics of the room. Keep in mind that we’re not just talking about wall paint here, but the colour of the rugs or the cushions etc. Even if your girl chooses a darker colour, you can choose a complimentary bright colour to go along with it and brighten the space up. The last thing you want is a dull and drab space that isn’t really inspiring. So for example, if your daughter’s favourite colour is a pastel shade of blue, you can paint the walls this colour and introduce pops of other colour through adding light yellow cushions. You can further add white curtains and a white door. This are all colours that play well with each other and therefore create a colourful, inspiring space.

Book Space

While ideally your teen would not have a study area in her bedroom, it’s good for her have a small space where she can read up on things that interest her when she’s having a slow day. This space needs to include a study table, storage drawers and ideally shelving above it so books and ornaments can be arranged. Don’t forget that this space would ideally be placed close to a window so some bright light can fall upon it.

Playful Lights

An up and coming trend is fairy lights in the bedroom. Usually a dressing table with a mirror (yet another essential in a girl’s room) would have these small blinking pendant lights arranged around it. Take your daughter out shopping and figure out what other kind of lights she’d prefer. You can even look around for unique lamp shades and light fixtures to spice up the room. It gives the room a dreamy and romantic ambience that just makes it picture-perfect.


Your girl’s tastes might change over time but the clothes she ditches will definitely be replaced with more. From accommodating shoes, to bags and accessories, a girl needs a lot of storage space to stay comfortably in her room and not have it feeling stuffy. Ensure the storage is big enough to support all her possible belongings and you can adorn it with pretty, antique knobs and handles.


Pick out different coloured frames to hang on the walls, which are better off left painted a neutral shade. This is because your child’s taste will change over the years so instead of having coloured wallpapers that she might not like in the future, she can just portray her tastes through the use of different frames (carrying artwork, pictures or quotes etc.).

These are the essentials you need to keep in mind when designing a teenage girl’s room if you really want to complete the look.




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