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5 Tips To Transform Your Bedroom Into A Wonderland

A bedroom should be a personal haven. It should be a place where we can unwind and recharge ourselves at the end of the day. It’s usually a place where we can remove our corporate masks and truly be ourselves. Where we sleep indirectly affects our emotional and physical well-being. Even though our bedrooms are such important places, it’s questionable if we have given the attention and care that it so well deserves. Here are five pointers for you to make your bedroom a magical space.

1.    Plan And De-Clutter

You don’t have to change the entire layout of your existing bedroom to give it a makeover. A drastic change like that would only cost you more. You should always embark on these kinds of projects on a budget as it would allow you to save up money for decorating your bedroom later in the project. Keep a notebook and plan what you need to buy early on and cut out any unnecessary purchases. It’s also an excellent time to consider what and what you’re not keeping in your wardrobes. Go through your nightstands and dressers and remove unwanted items. And try to incorporate at least one design in your room to your new design scheme.

2.    Warm Hues For Walls- To Choose Or Not To Choose!

Definitely not! Some people opt for bright colours such as red and purple for their bedroom. According to psychology, colours affect our mood, and they also impact the way we feel at a given time. It is advised against using warm colours such as red and orange for bedrooms as they raise the energy of a room. Warm colours also increase the blood pressure and the heart rate of those who are in the room whereas cool colours such as blue and green make people feel calm and relaxed. However, make sure that you opt for neutral or warm-hued bedding and fabric as large chunks of the same colour can make your room appear chilly and sad.

3.    Light Up Your Mini Paradise

Even if you selected the perfect blend of colour for the walls, if you have poor lighting, all your efforts are in vain. You should also consider the placements of your lighting arrangements. Well-placed lighting can make a bedroom appear warm and comfortable. Think about using over-head lighting as it gives the illusion of a large room. Don’t forget to install dimmer switches too!

4.    Colour Your World

After you decide on your colour mix, you should look into selecting your bedding. If you’re someone who likes to get adventurous with experimenting, go for a vibrant duvet with lots of patterns. Having lots of patterns allow you to add more complementary colours to the background. Neutral-coloured bedding will give your room a sleek, modern appearance. But do remember to add a few splashes of colour here and thereby placing cushions on your bed.

5.    Add An Elegant Piece Of Furniture

A piece of stylish bedside furniture will teach you that elegance and convenience can go hand in hand together. For the sake of convenience, life doesn’t have to be boring! A quick search for furniture shops gold coast will let you know where to buy your dream piece of furniture. This way you can add a final touch to your sanctuary in your home.

Although a bedroom makeover may look difficult and expensive, a thorough plan would ensure that you’d be able to create a little retreat for yourself by making simple changes to your existing bedroom.




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