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6 Fun and Exciting Ideas for A Hens Party

Planning a hens’ party is something that needs careful preparation and organization. All of the bride’s lady friends will be gathered together to celebrate their friend’s last hurrah from singlehood. Whether it is only a hens’ night out or a few days of vacation, it should always be fun and memorable for everyone especially for the bride. Here are some of the best ideas for a fun and exciting hens’ party.

Ladies’ Cruise

For a classy ladies’ getaway, a hens’ cruise would be a perfect choice to celebrate this moment with the bride. Most companies offer packages so that you don’t need to worry about the food and drinks during the cruise. You can focus more on making the party more fun with party games, dancing, photoshoot, and many more. Everyone will surely have fun while enjoying the beautiful view of the coast.

Life Drawing

If the bride is more into artistic stuffs, hosting a life drawing class can surely unleash everyone’s artistic abilities with a little hint of sexiness in the air. This can be done in any private venue, whether at an apartment, at home, or even at a studio. Grab those papers and pencil and enjoy drawing that perfectly chiselled nude, with a little eye candy for everyone of course.

Male Revue Show

If your bestie is one of the daring kinds a male revue show would definitely spice up her hens’ party. All the ladies will surely enjoy watching those sexy men as they sing, dance and tease everyone during their performance. You can even make it more sizzling by adding topless waiters to serve food, drinks, and mingle with the guests around. Aussie Hunks is the best in Adelaide if you’re looking for male strippers to spice up any kind of party.

Bar Crawl

For a simple yet fun hens night out, a bar crawl is one of the perfect ways to celebrate this special day. Hire a ride and enjoy a wonderful cruise with all the ladies as you hop from one bar to another. With Australia’s lively nightlife, you’ll never run out of places to go during your ladies bar crawl. Don’t forget to try out naughty party games at each bar to make the night more exciting.

High Tea

For a classy hens’ day out idea, planning out a high tea is a great choice. Aside from being classy, it is also perfect if the bride is planning to invite older guests such as her mom or her future mother-in-law. Enjoy a relaxing tea afternoon with the ladies complete with all the nibbles such as pies, tarts, fruitcakes and a lot more. You can also choose whether to hold the event outside or at your own personal venue instead.

Pampering Day

Every lady loves being pampered. Whether you’re having a spa day, massage, or a facial, a pampering day will surely leave all the ladies feeling refreshed and relaxed. You can now bond with the ladies as you enjoy a relaxing day at the spa.

Be sure to consider or ask the bride first on her preferences so you can plan the best and most memorable hens’ party ever.




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