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Best Ways To Increase Customer Unboxing Experience

If you’re an online retailer, you need to ensure that the products you ship wow your customers. Of course, you’ll be achieving this with the quality of the product you’re sending out. However, there are additional things you can do to make your customers excited. This is why you should keep reading because we’ll be discussing the best ways to improve your customer’s unboxing experience. Let’s get started.

Custom Packaging

If you were to send out your goods in a plain, brown box, no one would blame you. You’d be doing the normal thing and your customer would not feel any excitement while unboxing.

This is why you need custom postage boxes as it will please your customer with its visual appeal. If the packaging is designed well, they would treat the box as a work of art, taking pictures of it for social media to share with their friends. This would benefit you as pictures of your product online would spread your name.

Moreover, the customer may even treat the box like it is a good of its own, constantly purchasing items from you just to get their hands on your exquisite boxes.

Additional Items

When sending out packages, you should think about placing extra items in the box. It can be small items that will make your customers appreciate doing business with you.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be all boxes. Instead, you could place it in the shipments of new customers and those who have been loyal to your store.

You could make the additional items change over time, making it like a collectible set. This alone would help boost sales as many would want to collect the free items, treating them like a novelty.

Be Personal

When sending out your shipments, a great way to bring a smile to your customer’s faces would be the addition of a thank you note. This note should preferably be handwritten as this would make it more personal.

With the aid of the letter, customers would feel a more personal experience, bonding them with you. Because of this, they’d want to constantly support your business.

Make The Insides Appealing

The inside of your packaging should match the appeal of its outside. So, make sure that you get your hands on wrapping paper to place the item inside. It should not be plain, preferably designed in your logo, or with the art of something that relates to your brand.

Along with the packaging paper, you should wrap each item up, not chunking them inside of the box. After you wrap the items up, make sure to neatly place them on the packaging paper.

You can use whatever paper you want for this. A suggestion would be holographic foil as anyone would be mesmerized by its look.

If you consider the above, you’re sure to promise your customers a marvelous unboxing experience. As they will enjoy it, they’ll hopefully keep on coming to you to satisfy their want, even telling their friends and family about their experience with you.




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