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Budget-Friendly and Creative Patio Ideas

Having a patio is more than just popping out outdoor furniture all over the place. You also have to create an area that is welcoming, comfortable and suits your budget as well. For those who are out of ideas on how to liven up their patio, here are some creative yet budget-friendly ideas to inspire you.

Temporary Patio

Most patios are permanent but if you’re simply out of budget to build a permanent structure, why not set up a temporary one instead? When needed, put out a set of outdoor sofas or even a dining set if you want an outdoor dining area. Set up the area with brick or gravel footing, outdoor light fixtures and some potted plants to complete the look. Simply put everything back to storage when it’s not needed anymore or during cold months.


If you’re aiming for a more stylish patio, try a pergola instead. Pergolas are overhead structures built for vines to crawl on. Simply plant your favourite vine and let it climb up the pergola to create a shade for your patio. There are just so many decorating options for pergolas aside from vines. You may drape some fairy lights on it, place hanging plants, lanterns and other hanging decorative stuffs that suit your taste. Our expert builders create stylish pergolas that suit all locations across Sutherland Shire and to neighbouring areas as well.

Outdoor Living Area

For those who love to relax outdoors, an outdoor living area would be perfect to try. Simply arrange a few piece of outdoor furniture and add some cushions for more comfort. You may even add some decorations like potted flowers and other ornaments to complete the look. Don’t forget to add something for shade like a colourful beach umbrella for added style and protection against the sun.

Compact Seating Area

If you have limited yard space, there’s still a perfect option for you. You can still create a lovely outdoor living area without eating up too much space. Choose compact-looking furniture to avoid cramping the whole area. You may also add some interesting features such as a fireplace to keep out the cold weather during winter months.

Create a Focal Point

Setting a focal point in your garden seating area makes it even more appealing and welcoming. If you are using dull coloured outdoor furniture in your patio, add some life to them by incorporating colours and patterns into the picture. You may want to try adding colourful cushions and pillows for comfortable and livelier seating. Add something unique looking like a flower vase with colourful flowers or a distinctly designed jar or any ornament to draw the eye of viewers.

Paver Patio

When you’re already bored with the usual garden tables and chairs on grass, this technique is definitely nice to try out. Set the ground and lay out some stone pavers to create a distinct living space on your patio. Plus you can style it any way you want because of its versatile design.

Creating a gorgeous patio is not as hard as you though before when you have these amazing patio decorating ideas.




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