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The Most Common Web Server Support Problems Simplified

When you are going through the process of migrating your website on to a server supported platform, there can be quite a few common yet easily solvable issues that might spring up along the way. These can have something to do with the correct display of content, the layout of the site and the downtime being too much. However, here are some of the most commonly asked questions answered simply so that you will be able to solve your issue promptly.

You Can Still See a ‘Coming Soon’ Page Even If the Website Was Uploaded

This could happen very commonly to any website on any server and this can indicate one of two main issues. One would be that the web browser you are loading the site on is loading an old version of the website. It could also be that you have by mistake, uploaded your site to the wrong location on the web server support area. If it is the first scenario you will need to simply clear the cache of your browser and that will get it sorted. Most sites such as will give people a clear guide on how services are carried out so that questions are also answered. So, do a bit of reading up as well. If however, you have uploaded your site to the wrong place it might be a bit more complicated. You will first need to make sure that you have uploaded the website to the correct folder on the server account and then you will also need to double-check to see that you have uploaded an index file that is valid into the correct directory.

The Website Was Uploaded but Is Now Down

If you did make any changes before the website went down, it is highly possible that those changes were responsible for this situation. If that is not the reason there can be two other possibilities. One is that the company giving you the server support is going through a bit of a server down moment and you just need to call them and find out if something is wrong. In most cases they will also let you know if there is something wrong on their end as well. The next possibility is that the domain name of your website has changed and usually this will happen through the DNS settings that sometimes makes search engines throw up issues too. If you simply contact the company that you are working with for support, they will be able to fix this for you.

The Website Is Not Displaying Any of the Images You Wanted

If all the images on your website are not being shown correctly there can be two different reasons for this. One would be that the images have failed to get uploaded to the server support account and all you need to do is try and upload them one more time. The next possibility could be that the images are uploaded but in the incorrect folder. Just find out the accurate location of where they should be and move them to the correct place.


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