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Cool Gifts for Kids to Buy on a Budget

You never know when you need to buy a gift for a child. Aside from the holidays, various events, like birthdays, show up throughout the year that requires buying a gift for a child. No one wants to be that unloved adult who buys a boring present. Children’s toys may seem really expensive. Even a children’s makeup kit can cost north of $50 these days. However, even if you are on a budget, there are several really excellent gifts you can buy under $100 that would make the gift recipient go “awesome.” Here are great gift ideas for kids that will make you look very much like a cool adult:

Minecraft Video Game

Minecraft is one of the most popular PC games currently available. Not only is this video game fun, it’s also highly educational, which makes it the perfect gift for kids aged 10 or above. The game involved creating worlds out of pixel blocks. It’s highly creative and also teaches kids basic programming skills. The game also only costs about $10 to purchase, with a small subscription fee required each month. You can buy the game and a short subscription as a gift for any little enthusiastic gamer without making the parents worry.

Kiddie Rides

Which kids doesn’t love to cruise about in a children’s car or a bike? It’s not that expensive either. If you want to present a gift that would impress the child and adults alike, you can buy a kids ride on cars gift. Most bikes can be purchased under $100 and even some cars are under $200 and highly affordable considering the usage. If there’s a very special birthday coming up, this would be a great memorable gift.

Miniature Drones

Even adults can get excited about drones, so how excited would the kids get? Impress your little recipients by buying them a mini drone that costs less than $50. These drones are small, can be flown indoors, and only have battery power for about 10 minutes to stay in the air. But kids won’t care about how long it flies, as long as the cool drone flies. The cheapest products cost about $20 or so. You can find plenty of options online. These are considered toys and do not require any licenses to fly outside.

Washable Paint Kits

Let the kids go crazy on home walls with washable paint kits. The parents at least would certainly be grateful. These kits include an array of colour and big jars to really dip fingers into. The kits are reasonably large and won’t cost more than $30.

Bath Crayons and Bath Bombs

Who doesn’t remember playing and having fun in the bathtub as kids? Instead of getting rubber duckies, up the fun by buying bath crayons kids can draw with while in the bath. Such a gift would be great for toddlers who love to scribble everywhere. You can pair bath crayons, which are very cheap, with bath bombs that colour up the actual bath water. Find a hypoallergenic bath bomb brand suitable for kids to play with as much as they like.

Other ideas include kiddie wallets and science kits that won’t cost you much. Use these ideas to give a meaningful gift the little recipient can truly appreciate.




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