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How to Make the Most of Refrigerated Transport?

The demand for fresh goods has been on the rise nowadays. For farmers, one of their basic concerns is to get their products into the market while still fresh. On the other hand, business owners want to make sure that they are getting fresh and quality produce for their customers to enjoy. Because of this demand, refrigerated transport have been an in-demand industry. If you’re using this method in transporting your goods or products, here are some simple tips on how to make the most of your refrigerated transport.

Pick the Right Company

Not all reefer freight companies offer the same kind of services. To be assured that the freshness and quality of your goods will be maintained, choose refrigerated logistics that specializes in the type of products you have. You’ll know what kind of product they have much experience with through their past customers. For instance, if you want to transport fresh meat produce, it is more efficient to choose a freight company that usually handles meat and dairy rather than vegetables or medicines since they have more experience in proper handling of those kind of goods.

Proper Cold Chain Management

Good cold chain management is essential when you’re transporting goods interstate or even overseas. When fresh produce leaves the farm, it should be transported and stored in a warehouse with certain temperature conditions to keep its freshness. Be sure to choose a company that has the resources to properly manage cold chain so that you can be sure that your product reaches the market and the customers while still fresh.

Set the Right Temperature

Setting the right temperature is a key factor in maintaining freshness of goods. However, different products have varying temperature requirements to keep them fresh. For instance, meats require cooler temperature than vegetables during transport. On the other hand, leafy vegetables require cooler temperature than the usual fruits and vegetables to maintain their freshness and crispness. Be sure to set the temperature of the reefer truck according to the product being transported.

Get the Right Vehicle

Aside from temperature, picking the right vehicle is important when you’re transporting fresh produce. Choose a truck or a van that can perfectly fit all your products without squeezing them. The vehicle should also be able to meet the temperature requirements of your goods to keep them fresh throughout the travel. Aside from that, it should be properly cleaned first to get rid of bacteria that could cause your products to get spoiled.

Proper Product Handling

When stacking products in the reefer truck, be sure to clean them first. Remove damaged and rotten produce to avoid spoiling the rest of the goods. Aside from that, be sure that everyone handling the goods should observe proper hygiene practices to avoid contaminating the products.

With so many freezer freights companies out there, choosing one can be a challenge. Take your time to be sure that you’re getting the right one that suits your business and products well.




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