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Preventive Maintenance for Your Stormwater Drains

There are various ways for preventive maintenance for your stormwater drains but most people forget the ramifications a clogged stormwater drain pipes could bring. At times, the damage has already been extensive and the cost that should have only been limited to fixing it is now a cost for replacing.

Calling a plumber or a contractor to fix your drains is recommended. But you could do your part as a homeowner as well by taking preventive measures in caring for your stormwater drains.

Ensure Your Stormwater Drains Are Clean and Clog-Free

When you are doing your general and spring cleaning, make sure that your stormwater drains are included in the list. Double check that there are no leaves or other debris and dirt build up blocking these pipes. Unclogging the pipeline is essential to ensure that the drains are functioning well in depleting excessive rain and groundwater.

Double Check the Pipes for Damage

Usually, pipes become damaged from years of continued use or from blockages that break through the pipe’s material, especially if the blockage wasn’t removed or cleaned from a prolonged period of time. Temperature and movement of the ground also contribute to pipes misaligning, making them vulnerable to dents. When this happens, stormwater could not properly flow which may result in flooding and or land corrosion. 

Avoid Dumping Garbage Down Your Pipes

This might be common knowledge, but you will be surprised at how a lot of people forget about this. Small rubbish that is thrown down on pipes has the potential to clog the pipes. Even if it is paper or something that could be dissolved, if it is accumulated and neglected over time, it could still block the pipes. These are also pollutants to nature and could contaminate nearby ecosystems. Also avoid dumping liquid chemicals in your drains such as pesticides, chemicals used for your cars, cleaning solutions, antiseptics that contain mercury, germicides and especially paint. Paint fumes are hazardous and could be the start of a fire. Paint will also smear the inside of your pipes that could cause build up.

Reline Your Drains

This measure is better accomplished by a specialist since it involved digging and a wrong thwack might result to burst pipes. Contractors who handlestormwater drain repairs sydney are also adept at relining drains that are leaking, broken or invaded by tree roots. Some of these contractors even employ the “no dig” method of relining drains that are cost effective and time saving but ensuring that the pipes are back to their original condition.

High-Pressure Water Cleaning

Again, this measure is best done by a contractor but if you have high-pressure water cleaner jet and you are proficient in using it, cleaning your drains would be a breeze. High pressurized water is very effective in unblocking and cleaning stormwater pipes and drains. Debris and residue build ups are flushed out and cast-iron pipes are descaled.

Following these preventive maintenances for your stormwater drains will benefit you from the headache of costly plumbing repairs and will also help the environment. Once you see the first sign of blockage, have it repaired before it gets worst.




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