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Things You Can Do To Ensure Your Home And Family Are Completely Safe During The Rainy Season

Harsh winters and storm seasons are not to be taken lightly; especially these days, when the Earth seems to be rebelling against us humans. Here are 5 things you can do to ensure your home and family is safe and warm during this trying period…

Understand That Being Prepared Well Ahead Of Time Is What Ensures Your Family’s Safety

If this kind of weather is not unpredictable, it’ll be quite foolish not preparing ahead of time. If you’ve just moved to this area, and you are preparing for your very first storm season, then it may be a good idea to follow each tip we’ve mentioned below. Additionally, ensure that you and your kids know exactly where each emergency item (such as the first-aid kit) is stored; and what to do during an emergency. Since there is a possibility that your kids may be at home alone during a blackout without you, be very sure they know what to do to keep themselves safe. Make a list of all the supplies you may need (food, first-aid, batteries, warm clothing, blankets etc.), and add whatever you missed this year on it, so that when the next storm season roles around, you’ll be better prepared.

Stock Up On None Perishables And Beverages

This goes without saying, but if you’re expecting to be stuck within your home until the bad weather roles away, then it’s essential that you stock up on none perishable food and beverages. Try to find food that does not require heating or preparing, in case you lose your heat or you are unable to get to your kitchen. It’s always best stocking up on drinking water as well…just in case.

Check Your Batteries And Medical Supplies A Month Ahead

It’s obvious that you’ll make sure you have a first-aid ready in case of an emergency. However, many people make the mistake of not ensuring all their medicines are useable for the emergency; only to find expired medicines when they need it. To avoid this situation, always check your medicines at least a month prior to the season’s start. Likewise, ensure the battery of your emergency torch is still alive ahead of time. It’s also best having 2 extra batteries around.

Reduce Exterior Damages Of Your Home And Safety Of The Garden

Your home’s garden, shed and other outdoor spaces are what face the weather the most, so ensure it is well protected to minimize the damage. Secure it to the ground to avoid it being blown away, or move them temporarily indoors. Cover them up with weather-resistant sheets, also secured to the ground. Trim any branches or trees in your property that have the potential of damaging your home or harming people. Look for professionals that do tree lopping Brisbane for this task.

Every Drip And Every Breeze Counts During This Period

Do not ignore any drips or cracks in your home, as during the stormy weather, it can rob your home of its warmth. Ensure your roof is completely leak proof, and that any cracks in window panes or doors that do shut tight are repaired. If not, you’ll not only be mopping up rainwater that drips into your home throughout the season; you’ll also find yourself more inclined to catching a cold due to the weather.




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