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Tips for Healthy Eating and a Balanced Diet

The key to healthy life is practicing health habits and focussing on a balanced diet is or should be on the top of your list. A balanced diet includes a wide range of food that can provide you all the nutrients needed by your body to grow, fight diseases and keep you strong. Here are some tips to follow when planning to have a balanced diet.

More Fibre and Carbohydrates

Try to include at least one starchy carbohydrate in your main meals. Do not ever think you have to cut down the amount of carbs you eat in a day. Healthy starchy carbohydrates such as potatoes, bread, rice, pasta or cereals can provide you with the body’s main fuel, glucose which is especially essential for the brain muscles. Starchy carbohydrates should be third of your main meals. To increase the fibre in your diet, try to choose food such as brown rice or potatoes with their skin.

Reduce Fats and sugar

While carbs do not make you fat, saturated fat and sugar will. Saturated fat is also the main cause of increasing the cholesterol levels in your blood and create a high risk of heart conditions. This would mean cutting down on food items such as sausages, cakes, biscuits, pies, cream or butter. The average amount if saturated fats a man can have per day is 30grams and for women it is 20grams. Similarly, reduce the times you consume fizzy drinks, sweets including chocolate and alcohol as these can increase the sugar levels in your body to an unhealthy amount.

Drink Enough Water

A balanced diet does not only contain a balanced amount of food but you also need to drink the adequate amount of water. For an average adult the amount of glasses required per day is six to eight glasses. While you do need to drink lots of water, any non-alcoholic drink count in this. Water, low-fat milk, low-sugar drinks are however the better choices. Whenever you are thirsty, try your best not to go for fizzy drinks or smoothies as they are known to have high sugar levels. These also contain higher amounts of calories.

Fruits and Vegetables

Another thing to add to your diet is lots and lots of fruits and vegetables. Five portions of a variety of a fruit and a vegetable can keep you healthy and away from a lot of diseases. So try to add a fruit to your breakfast or replace your mid-morning snack with a piece of fruit. While smoothies also count as one portion the high amount of sugar in them might be harmful to your body. Instead, try a glass of fresh juice of fruits or vegetables with less added sugar. If you are consuming juice, then try not to take more than one glass a day.

Apart from practicing these habits, try to get into daily exercises so you can maintain proper physical fitness. Maintaining a healthy diet does not mean skipping your breakfast or reducing the amount you eat. It is eating healthier with the right amount of nutrients.




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